French-style ice cream in the birthplace of America.

Our craft is informed by Philadelphia’s vibrant culture, and the culinary experience of our production team. We have the good fortune to make ice cream fortified by a bounty of fresh fruit, herbs, eggs, and dairy from nearby farms. While we use a technique established centuries ago in France, the flavors are very much a reflection of home.


our partners

We use organic milk from Camphill Village Dairy. Located 36 short miles from our creamery, Camphill is an agrarian community that works closely with adults with developmental disabilities. This farm’s cows feed on pasture from April to November. The milk’s golden color and deep flavor lend a defining characteristic to our ice cream. The dairy’s dedication to the health of the land, animals, and people inspires us to exercise great care in our craft.



Our Creamery

The truth is that the majority of “homemade” “handmade” and small-batch ice cream is made from a mix. When we founded Weckerly’s we knew that it would take some extra work to make honest ice cream with traditional techniques and a few handpicked ingredients. To realize this goal we  built a 350-square-foot dairy plant. It's here that we not only make ice cream, but pasteurize the milk, cream, eggs, and sugar that form the base of every recipe.

production-pasteurizer copy.jpg

Our story

In fall of 2012, Jen Satinsky, a trained pastry chef, and her husband Andy founded Weckerly’s Ice Cream. For the pair, Weckerly’s is an expression of dedication to culinary traditions, a love of ice cream, and deep respect for the work of local farmers. Sharing these joys through a serving of ice cream is the drive behind the hard work and warm smiles you’ll find at Weckerly’s. 

Originally nestled in the back of a neighborhood cafe in West Philadelphia, Weckerly’s has grown into a blossoming “micro-creamery” churning out of Globe Dye Works, a repurposed textile plant, in North Philadelphia. After a couple expansions and the addition of more helping hands, Weckerly’s continues to pasteurize, churn, bake, and build every creation in-house. Their team of scoopers, bakers, and ice cream makers defines who they are just as much as the milk with which they use to create their ice cream. The eclectic mix of kitchen professionals, musicians, artists, academics, and customer service aces creates an environment that fosters continued learning and growth. 


In the beginning of 2016, the team at Weckerly’s was introduced to Tommy Trzcinski and the crew at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. At their organic dairy they practice bio-dynamic farming techniques. The raw milk produced by the herd at Camphill Dairy is transported weekly to their creamery where it is pasteurized and churned into ice cream.

In December 2016, Jen and Andy realized their dream of opening Weckerly’s first brick-and-mortar scoop shop in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. Greeting neighbors, serving guests, creating comfort and discovering new joys has been the latest piece in the cycle of farm-to-scoop.

heritage farm - Kristina.jpg

The crew at West Philadelphia’s Heritage Farm, who supply us with fresh herbs throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.